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Rider News | Chris Perry talks Extreme Enduro and Finke madness

Finishing in the top 10 and class victories at Australia's toughest Enduro is a great achievement,it comes as a surprise to learn that Chris has only been around bikes for 5 years and Wildwood was his first serious race. The skill Chris rides with you'd think he's been on bikes from an early age. Chris wasn't into BMX or anything extreme and only took to bikes when he was around 19. Starting out on a trusty Honda XR250 he was bitten by the offroad bug, lots of riding and a few bikes later he's settled with a KTM300 for extreme riding, preferring the 2 strokes power, easy handling and the benefits of the PDS rear end when it comes to extreme obstacles. He also rides a KTM450 for MX and Vic Offroad Events

Darren Cook caught up with Rob for a Wheels Down Chat just days before he heads to Erzberg, head over to Getonit and read the full rundown on the Wildwood Rock Extreme Rider.

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