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Unlike many Off Road events of this type, Wildwood Rock Extreme is held on Private Property and the course is mostly custom built, putting the best riders in the world through a gruelling 3 hr Extreme Enduro with nearly every part of the course within easy access for full spectator viewing. 


An FAQ list will be available here soon to answer any questions you might have.


A must have when at Wildwood Rock are : Hats, Sunscreen, closed footwear, chairs and small air horns to raise the riders drive to finish.


Please do not help the riders during the main event as this may affect the outcome of their position


Please make sure all rubbish makes it to the bins provided.


No Dogs please (unless used for visual aid)


No Drones to be used - will be reported to police if so.





Places to see


Rock Garden


From the start of the main event around 11:30am it is only a 5 min walk to head to the area of the track that riders dread. An endless rock valley that is the last natural terrain obstacle faced within the 13km track.


Step-Up Hill


700meters walk to the top of this hill from the prologue/start area this is one hill that involves 4 steps that means throttle control is a must. At each step the gradient of the step increases to the point that the front wheel can flip back over and send the rider back to the 1st level to start again. If done well with no mistakes can be something worth talking about for the rest of the day

ADULTS $20  

UNDER 16 $10  



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