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2012 Wildwood Rock Extreme | Official DVD 

Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme 2012 OFFICAL DVD.Australia's biggest extreme enduro that is also the richest in the world for prize money.Matthew Phillips won the $10,000 first place over Alfredo Gomez of Spain in what was a 3 hour battle that seen both Phillips and Gomez banging bars right to the last lap.Third place was Dylan Rees and the Fastest Prologue time at the start of the event went to Mitch Harper winning that by 19 seconds.The event runs a prologue at the start of the day to work out the starting grids of 5 for the main event. Once done we role into the main event that is run over 3 hours and see's the rider with the most laps over all take home the win.Classes for 2013 will see classes in - Pro, Expert, Clubman, Over 40's and the NEW Trials Class.

2012 Wildwood Rock Extreme | Highlights

Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro OFFICIAL HIGHLIGHTS

Force Accessories presents the Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro highlights previewing the DVD coming out in issue #51 of Trailrider.

Filmed by Peter Camilleri, Connor Toomey and Joe Camilleri of Superfly Productions 

2012 Wildwood Rock Extreme | Teaser 

A taste of what's to come in the Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme 2012, 'Are you Tough Enough' ? 

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