Wildwood - Club History

The Wildwood Rock Motorcycle Club was started in August of 2011 by Steve Braszell and has growing into a great social enduro club that enjoys going out for rides and talking about events both gone and coming up. We have a large amount of riders that attend oversea's extreme enduro's.

With a large amount of enduro members and many with different skill levels, but at the end of the day it is all about getting on the bike and going for a ride.  With so many different back grounds riders being apart of the large and growing Wildwood family you could pretty much ride each weekend through getting to know others that also ride.

The Club holds Skills days once a month during the year for members to improve their skills and test themselves on the well known Wildwood Rock Extreme course.

The property that Wildwood uses is over 500 acres and filled with many good areas for all Skill levels from first time to your pro level. We have it all and if you do not want to try anything you simply just ride around or follow the Service roads between.



Join the Club to be a member of one of the largest enduro clubs in Australia.

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Motorcycling Victoria

Wildwood Rock Motorcycle Club 2019-2020 

President - Anthony Solar 

Secretary - Steven Braszell

Treasurer - Kimberley Braszell  

Club MV Delegates - Anthony Solar and Michael Braszell


Australian Motorcyclist Association

Wildwood Motorcyclist Association ltd. 2020-

President - Anthony Solar 

Vc President - Steven Braszell

Secretary - Kimberley Braszell

Treasurer - Steven Braszell  





2018 International Events attended by Club Members.

Erzberg - Chris Perry 53th - check point 19 Carl´s Dinner

             - Wade Ibrahim 56th - check point 19 Carl´s Dinner

Romaniac's - 

Sea to Sky - 

Nutbuster - 


2017 Club Championship Winners.
PRO - Sean Holmes
Expert 16-34yrs - Neil Foster

Expert Over35 - Angus Boud
Clubman Over40 - Shane Bowden
Clubman 30-39yr -  Rohan Richards
Clubman 16-29yr - Gavin Lind

Womens - Emma Broadbent

Junior 8-12yr - Kogan Lock

Junior 13 to 16yr - Lucas Grosso

2017 International Events attended by Club Members.

Erzberg - Robert Nowak 35th - check point 15

              - Adrian Harry 

Romaniac's - 

Sea to Sky - 

Nutbuster  - EnduroCross Friday Results

Gold:  Sean Holmes 6th,   Anthony Solar 9th.

Silver:   Keegan Howe 14th,    Kyle Howe 7th,    Shane Bowden 13th.

Bronze:  Steven Braszell 6th

2016 Club Championship Winners.
PRO - Robert Nowak
Expert - Neil Foster
Clubman Over40 - Lee Pearsall
Clubman 30-39yr -  Matthew Doswell
Clubman 16-29yr - Shane Maier

Womens - Emma Broadbent


2016 International Events - Wildwood Members attending

Erzberg - Robert Nowak, Chris Perry,

Romaniac's - Robert Nowak, Chris Perry (Silver 7th), Emma Broadbent, Shane Bowden, Angus Boud, Bruce Lock, Craig Byrne

Sea to Sky - Adrian Harry

Nutbuster NZ - Anthony Solar, Shane Bowden and Steve Braszell


2015 Club Championship Winners.
PRO - Paul Moncrief
Expert - Jason Haas
Clubman Over40 - Angus Boud
Clubman 30-39yr -  TBA
Clubman 16-29yr - Trent Perry


2015 International Events attended by Club Members.

Erzberg - Robert Nowak 35th - check point 15

             - Chris Perry 38th - check point 15

Romaniac's - Chris Perry (silver) Prolgue winner - Over all 23rd

Sea to Sky - Robert Nowak 20th

                  - Chris Perry 25th

2014 Club Championship Winners.
PRO - Chris Perry
Expert - Paul Moncrieff
Clubman Over40 - Anthony Roberts
Clubman 30-39yr - Chris Bekker
Clubman 16-29yr - Daniel Nugent

2013 Club Championship Winners.
Pro/Expert - Chris Perry
Clubman Over40 - Shane Bowden
Clubman 30-39yr - Rohan Richards
Clubman 16-29yr - Paul Moncrieff














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