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The Wildwood Club is working with the support of the property and event coordinators to make sure this event is one of the highlights for 2024. The event is capped at 200 riders per day so spots are limited in such a well known area of Victoria. 

Rider entry fees: $260 seniors and $160 for Juniors.

Junior event will involve a quick prologue for each rider followed by a 1 hour and 30 minute Hard Enduro race.

Seniors will have a prologue also following the junior race with with Bronze and Silver pushing for the one lap to set the start position for Sunday. Gold riders will go HEAD TO HEAD in a Knockout format event taking it down the last rider being the winner, with the top 4 taking the first spots to enter the 4 hour Hard Enduro Endurance Race on Sunday.

For more details please keep following the event Facebook page and also the Wildwood Motorcycle club page.

Other featured details will be shared via the Victorian Hard Enduro Social pages.

To enter this event you must have a registered number via HARD ENDURO RACING AUSTRALIA with the correct numbers fitted to your bike before attending. If you are new to Hard Enduro and not sure of the class please contact Steve the Clerk of the course to discuss (0402.577.151). 

For all Juniors you MUST have the HE endorsement completed to race, If you have been racing before June 2024 your endorsement is now not current. PLEASE check this detail before entering or turning up to race.

For members wanting to help at this event we have roles both on the bike and on foot around many sections of the event. Please contact Steve to book.

Looking forward to seeing the wider Harder enduro network at the event.

Wildwood Motorcyclist Association - Club Event

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