2010 Wildwood Rock Extreme | Official DVD 

Honda Wildwood Rock Extreme was the first of its kind in Australia.With $10,000 on offer this event changed the way Enduro riders looked at racing.Mitch Harper was crowned the winner followed by Matthew Phillips and Stefan Merriman.

Watch on as these riders push through the tough and challenging course for what is a 3 hour battle till the end.

2010 Outright Winner - Mitch Harper | Prologue

On board with Mitch Harper as he completes the Prologue track at the first ever Wildwood Rock Extreme in 2010, Mitch set a blistering pace all day and went on to take the $10,000 first place.

2010 Chris Latta | Prologue

On board with Chris Latta as he completes the Prologue track at the first ever Wildwood Rock Extreme in 2010, Chris rode a great race and went on to finish in 18th outright.

2010 Tony Albert | Watch his 1st full lap

On board with Tony Albert for his 1st Lap of the gruelling 2010 Wildwood Rock Extreme, Tony went on to finish in 10th outright.

2010 1st Trip to the Ambulance | Ken Roche

After a long time away from MX Racing, Ken Roche lines up at Wildwood, his bike choked going over the 6ft drop off, resulting in a classic 'endo' with the bike landing on top of him. Later x-rays showed Ken had fractured a vertebrae in his lower back.

Once the ambo's had cleared Ken, he was off around the track with his camera, showing the first sign of his skill & passion behind the lens and later co-founding FourOhFour Shots with Amanda Kirkpatrick.

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