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2023 RIDER INFORMATION - Final Instructions 2 weeks before event


  Permit Type: Enduro - Open

No DOGS at the event - Please leave them at HOME.

Food will be sold at the event property on the Saturday and Sunday.

All Riders are expected to sign in with bikes and set up the pit area on the 11th of November.


This event is permitted via Motorcycle Australia in line with the Manual of Motorcycle Sport 2023 and the defined details as listed below.

License requirements: MA National or One Event MA Race License

Key Officials Name Official Level

 Race Secretary Kimberley Braszell L3

 Clerk of the Course Steven Braszell L4

 Steward Chloe Whittle L4

Assistant Officials Name Official Level

 Assistant Race Secretary Rodney Brown L2

 Assistant Clerk of Course Michael Chapman L2

 Assistant Clerk of Course Tim Osborne L2

Property address: 227 and 261 Feehans Road Wildwood, Victoria 3429

Property Contact: Steven Braszell Ph: 0402 577 151

Medical Services: Medical Response – Booked for 11th and 12th November 2023.






Event time guidelines and overview.   


Saturday 11th

Gates open: 9am

Scrutineering times / sign on

  • Juniors 10:30 am

  • Bronze 12:30 pm

Junior’s riders brief: 11:40am - All Juniors required

Helper briefing: 11:50am

Juniors start: 12pm (1hour 30 minutes)

Bronze riders brief: 1:50pm - All Bronze required

Start time: 2pm Bronze Prologue.

Rider sign on for Silver and Gold in afternoon from 4pm


Sunday 12th - Main Event

Gates open: 7am

Riders brief: 8:30am

Helper brief: 8:45am

Prologue start - 9:00am - Silver and Gold. (Highest numbers to lowest order)

Main event - 10:30am Start and Course closed at 3pm

  • Gold 10:30am (grids of 10) 3.5 Hour race

  • Silver 10:40am (grids of 10) 3.4 Hour race

  • Bronze once silver clear (grids of 10) – Bronze Class will try and meet 3 hour time.


Rider Entry Fee

Junior Rider $120.00

Senior Rider $240.00

Rider Refunds will be less a $40 fee up to one week before and no refunds given within last week before event.


Late entry fee from 1/11/2023 +$100 add

Entries closed 7/11/2023


Awards and Prize Money

Outright trophies for Gold, Silver and Bronze with Prize Money, all other classes awards given.

Every rider that finishes the event will get a finishing medal as they pass finish flag.

(DNF will not be awarded an Event finishing medal or prize money from main event).

Fastest Prologue

  • Riders of Gold, Silver and Bronze will be awarded $500 each. (Prologue is one lap ONLY)

Main Event

  • Gold 1st $1500, 2nd $1000, 3rd $500

  • Silver 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $300

  • Bronze 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $300

(Outright trophies and finishing medals included)

All awards/trophies will be handed out 30 minutes after the final rider or from the event course being closed.

Total prize money: Prologue $1,500 Main Event: $6,600 (TTL of $8,100)

Peter Stevens Motorcycles will be supporting the Junior event with give away gifts (limited to supply - not all riders)



  1. Junior Riders Ages - 10 Years old to 15 Years old can ride in the 1hour and 30min event (if the rider has been in the Junior class before turning 16 in 2023 they can remain in the junior class)

  2. All Juniors must be endorsed to attend the event and race.

  3. Only with special approval from the Club will juniors under 10 be ok to enter.

  4. No Riders are allowed to ride the defined course 7 days before the event. Penalties will apply at the discretion of the clerk of the course. (Riders helping to bunt the course can ride but not on the defined course).

  5. No noisy bikes will be taking part - if your bike is deemed too loud it can be selected to have a noise test done (112dB +2 buffer will be excepted pending conditions). Noise testing will be done near the sign on area at any time required. (GCR APPENDIX C 17.3.1)

  6. Riders will not have times recorded if correct numbers are not fitted, rider with official Grassroots national numbers will be able to keep their numbers over any other state enduro range. Please visit the Grassroots website to select a number if you don’t have one. Link found via and details of how to obtain a Junior Number.

  7. Correct numbers are required with Class background viewed on front and both sides behind the numbers. This is key for course sections and helpers to identify (visual from 20m GCR 10.12.1 )

  8. A rider that enters the course on the LAST LAP BOARD have only until the course close time to finish. (Riders must complete at least 1 full lap to be defined a finisher) If the event stop time is reached before the rider can pass the checkered flag they will lose the lap they are on and will not be eligible for any podium award or prize money. The rider will re-vert to the time they entered on the Last lap board.

  9. Riders stopped on the LAST LAP BOARD lap will be deemed a finishing rider and get a medal, they must not leave the course and communicate to a sweep at that time they are on LAST LAP.

  10. Rider numbers as outlined.



Event Starting Detail

Junior Riders will Start in Class order on Saturday from 12pm.

  1. Junior A Class first and Junior B Class to start 2 minutes apart. 

  2. No prologue will be held for juniors.

Senior riders will complete man-made Prologue area to set starting order for main event on Sunday.

  1. Bronze Prologue Saturday 11th November (from 2pm)

  2. Silver & Gold Prologue Sunday 12th November (from 9am)

  3. Any rider not able to attend Prologue will start rear of class in no set order.

  4. Main event Starting grids of 10 riders with 1 minute gap per line.


Circuit Description

Cross country format (GCR 10.13.5)

  • Wildwood Man-made area is used for event prologue and during main event. Natural terrain course is 8 to 10km pending class, riders must stick to the set marked course pending the class entered. The course is made up of challenging sections with hills, logs and rocks.

  • Each course - Gold, Silver and Bronze has been designed within the skill set of that group of riders.  Riders MUST ride the clearly marked course of the class they enter.

  • If the a Total fire ban is active the event may need to change details in regards to the dates or time as required.


Spectator Fee's & Property Information

  1. Spectator’s fees - Adult $20 and Children under 18 years $10

  2. No DOGS at the event - Please leave them at HOME unless for special aid use.

  3. Toilets will be found within the Camping area.

  4. Only Event riders gain FREE entry into the property, all helpers are required to pay to attend.

  5. Riders can reach out to the Wildwood club to discuss any other time before or after the set times to attend if bringing camping vehicles.


Special Notes & Warnings

  1. All Riders are expected to sign in with bikes and helmets to be used during the event -  set up the pit area on the 11th of November.

  2. Numbers Must be fitted when signing on and be clearly viewed on the front and both side plates on bike.

  3. Only bikes that have been viewed and had event stickers applied will start the event. If you start the event and choose to withdraw the rider must inform the rider sign on area they are out and submit any injuries via the event medical area if needed.

  4. The course will have event sweeps sent out to sweep the course 30 minutes after the finishing #1 rider. The sweeps will be given the power to stop any rider on the course at the set time the course will be close. This will be told during riders brief on the Sunday before the main event, all racing will be stopped if bikes are still active at 4pm in-line with event permit needs. 

  5. Cameras may be fitted to the motorcycle if securely mounted. Helmet Cameras are not permitted unless the camera is integrated into the helmet, by design of the manufacturer (GCR Chest mounts are approved.

  6. A Flashing light will be turned on at the finish line area and visual from distance once the last lap board is out for riders to see.

  7. All Mechanics or helpers are required to sign in if in the pit area or working on any Motorcycle.

  8. Any rider that has traveled oversea within 2 weeks of the event MUST make sure all items are cleaned prior to entry of the property. Both Motorcyle and personal clothing.


Event rules/overview and Outlines of set penalties.

  1. Walking the course is recommended to be aware of the changed course layout as NO Sighting lap will be given.

  2. All Riders are expected to sign in with bikes and set up the pit area on the 11th of November.

  3. Numbers Must be fitted when signing on and be clearly viewed on the front and both side plates on bike. Riders must have numbers that will not come off easy (fixed to the conditions) Rider Numbers are based on the grassroots selection - if you do not have a number, please visit the Grassroots webpage before entering the event.

  4. Timing system fee is included in the entry fee - two bar coded sticker will be fitted to the bike and one to the rider helmet. (Both required to be fitted at sign on during the motorcycle inspection process)

  5. No DOGS at the event - Please leave them at HOME unless supported with medical use details.

  6. Only bikes that have been viewed and had event stickers applied will start the event.

  7. Prologue is for one lap only - No second lap will be given (if the rider fails to finish Prologue they will start rear of the field in class).

  8. No Spectators are allowed to help the riders on the sections and should be told to leave riders. If you are offered help from any person, please ask them to step away. ONLY other event riders can help other riders.

  9. Spare parts can be taken to the riders on the course, but the bike must not leave the area it is getting repaired.

  10. If a rider comes back to the pit area on the entered bike during the main event (leaving the course) they will be deemed DNF.

  11. No Tear off's are to be used at all, they will be removed. If a rider fits, they will receive a 10 minute penalty applied to total time within the event. If noted a second time the rider will be black flagged and removed from event.

  12. All riders must have Ambulance cover that will be effective if required to be called on in case of injury. The Event medical team will make actions to call for further medical operations to attend based on each assessment if required.

  13. Bottles of Water will be put at the ½ way point under red tent for riders Only to use during the event. It is the rider’s responsibility to make sure they carry water when racing and keep hydrated.

  14. In the event of a rider protest, this must be done within 30minutes of the witnessed rider seeing the closing flag of the event. (ONLY THE RIDER/ENTRANT THAT WITNESSED CAN SUBMIT IN WRITING). This will then be reviewed with the relevant riders at the event and settled before presentation if effecting 1st/2nd/3rd, if outside the final podiums it will be done before final day overviews are done. (AS PER MOMS 5.1 OFFENCES DURING AN EVENT)

  15. Any rider 16 years and older will be deemed a senior rider unless they have started the year in Juniors at another hard enduro event in 2023.

  16. Riders are limited to use one motorcycle only - Timing device will be fitted to the bike the rider will be using.

  17. Camping at the property is fine for riders and helpers ONLY, if further time is needed, please discuss with the property owner Steve Braszell.

  18. The Club holds the right to adjust any riders class if deemed to be not capable. (If you are unsure of your class, please contact Wildwood)

  19. Spill Matts are to be used under bikes when refuelling or working with oils in refuelling area.

  20. A fire extinguisher must be within each pit area, riders are required to have a minimum 1kg.

  21. A welcomed donation fee of $10 per person for camping can be paid at sign on to help with property clean up and hire of items required for the event.

  22. Riders must use 1st gear when moving around in the pit area at all times.

  23. Helmets must be on when riding any motorcycle.

  24. Riders MUST attend the rider brief – Riders who miss random role call get 10 minutes in race penalty applied to final time.

  25. Riders found to be not riding the course that they entered will be penalised or excluded from the event. This can be decided during the event at anytime by the direction of the clerk of the course or steward of the event. (AS PER of MOMS)

  26. The direction of the clerk of the courses during the event can result in points, time penalties or exclusion as they see fit in line with their determination of events. (AS PER 5.1.4 of MOMS)

  27. With entering the event you agree that the event can use any images or videos of you at the event or property from promotional use if required.



For all inquiries, please direct your questions to Steve Braszell 0402577151

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