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Ballard's Off-road Support Wildwood 2023

Ballard's off-road join to support Wildwood 2023.

Being one of the largest and strongest supports of off-road motorcycle accessories since the 1980's in Australia Wildwood is excited to see the Ballard's team join to support the growth of Hard enduro in Australia.

Who are Ballard's?

In reality the Ballard’s business idea all started back in the 80’s during my racing years in the USA. Luckily, I had met up with a US desert racer Al Baker who had convinced me that it would be a great idea to start a business back in Australia based on the very popular Honda XR’s. Baker had also played a huge part in the development of those bikes and of course knew them inside and out plus the large numbers that had been sold back here in OZ.

GB: So from a hand shake deal back in 1989 I kicked things off and straight away had felt it was important to produce some sort of informative parts and information brochure, but with business pressures and the new XR race team we’d formed, our first catalogue had to be pushed back to 1990. With more time it had managed to grow even bigger, after jamming in as many new products as we could and turning it more into a catalogue than a simple brochure. Funnily enough that philosophy still runs true today.


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