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Grassroots Hard Enduro National Championship Round 2 Top 3 of each class.

Congratulations to all riders that attended and the finishing podiums for round two of the Australian Hard Enduro Championship, the Kosciuszko Killer, 2021.

Gold/Pro Class

1st- Wade Ibrahim

2nd- Ruben Chadwick

3rd- Chris Perry

Silver/Expert Class

1st- Trent Tucci (not pictured)

2nd- Josh Ibrahim

3rd- Chris Dark

Bronze/Clubman Class

1st- Mac Vonthien

2nd- Robert Brosig

3rd- Roy Miller

Ladies Class

1st- Cheyenne Jones

2nd- Ebony Neilsen

3rd- Amber Lock


1st- Kogan Lock

2nd- Brody Reed

3rd- Justin Richards

A proper hard track that pushed the boundaries of many riders, a testament to anyone who completed a lap let alone achieve a podium.

Be sure to follow the grassroots hard enduro social media for all the most updated race details


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