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2021 Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme - Postponed to 2022.

Wildwood Rock has made the choice to postpone the 2021 event until the 6th of November 2022. After pushing through with a small but successful 2020 event and having no real clear outline of how it could operate in the 2021 format due to the Victorian Covid disaster it is the only option.

It has been great to see riders getting entries in to support the overall event and sport with 167 riders locked in for the 12th year of Wildwood. Although the event will shift to 2022 many things like trophies and finishing medals have been made and will be ready to go. Like other events we have waited and held out for some indication of whether we could operate or not, but sadly with goal posts shifting it is unclear to what capacity it might have been at. Entries will remain open for riders to place a deposit down to hold a starting position as per the AMA website and listed links on our website.

The introduction of the junior class had enabled our young and upcoming hard enduro riders in getting their names out there to take part on what was to be some hard work for them. This will still be a key highlight for the 2022 event and we look forward to seeing what skills our young talented riders bring to the event.

Wildwood Rock is looking forward to being apart of the Victorian Hard Enduro Championship in 2022 and will keep you updated with this development as it occurs.

Wildwood Rock would like to thank all its sponsors and riders for its support and will now focus on the next 12 months ahead to make the return even bigger for all involved.

image credit : Russell Colvin (783 Media)

Trophies and finishing medals will be waiting for the 2022 event.


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