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Wildwood 2020 Ride day FULL

Wildwood is returning on the 24th of May for its first Rec Ride of the year under COVID-19 guidelines.

Current paid members had been given the chance to attend the first ride of the year as we return.

We have split our return into 2 groups of 10 that can ride for 3 hours with time to have a contact free change over at mid day. During the day we will not have any other member attend to ride and no food or drinks sold. We are looking forward to seeing the Victorian government ease the numbers further so we can increase the ride days, but for now we will continue to run 2 groups sessions to paid members only.

To be a member you join the AMA family then can complete the club membership via the PARTNER / JOIN PARTNER CLUB drop down. Members fee's a $50 for a single or $50 for a family for 12 months.

Simply go to -

Looking forward to seeing all of the Wildwood family back for 2020 with the big event still planning to go ahead on the 8th of November 2020.

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