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Adrian Harry on top in Expert over 35

What a way to finish 2016! Wildwoodrock Extreme enduro yesterday and scored a 10th outright and the expert over 35 win.

I did say my recent Sea 2 Sky trip made me angry to train and raise the bar, no doubt it played a big part in this result. Big mental game with yourself in training and riding and it just lifted the intensity of all aspects of my riding and training.

It's been a pretty special year all round being second year back on enduro bike for 20 years, and making the change to BETA 300 certainly suited me better.

Was a tough few days leading up to the event getting things ready etc. Travel plans went to the tip when me wee boy had some down stairs pain leading to Friday avo minor surgery to re-arrange some junk in the trunk. He all grand now. Big thanks to Duane Woolford and Brett Moroney for their understanding and hanging about to take me and Alisha over last minute while we left team manager and Nutritionist Tanya Harry home to nurse the wounded. Me Dtr Alisha's first road trip with the boys and did well, spot her in the pic getting among it! Pretty sure she enjoyed all the food stops..

We walked most of the track Saturday, OK not like me there but hey... Pretty quick we knew Steven Braszell was getting serious and making this event stand up to it's reputation of the toughest xtreme Enduro in Australia. Track looked great, was dead keen to ride! Love your work, hope to see more added next year. The more there to slow the fast boys down the better!

The prologue track was a damn good enduro x track with a bit of every thing. Never before can I remember getting arm pump from a sight lap but this one near killed me. Took off me constricting body armor for the prologue and survived much better having a fair ride just dropping it twice in the small rocks which was rather annoying but hey, legs only reach so far... Ya must have been moving to grab that prologue class win Owen Lock, congrats dude. After that I was pretty keen to get out of the prologue track onto the real turf.

Main Race: Prologue had me start on the 5th row, happy enough there. Got a grand start but had to nurse the arm a bit initially so wasn't into fighting anyone in the first minute. Made some nice placings straight back up in the first slow climb, then a few more in the second and found myself up the tail of local hot shot Owen Lock so I thought I"d chill a bit (kidding mate...). We both came out the top of the new extended Force accessories Rock Staircase feeling pretty shattered I think. I stuck on his tail the best I could just waiting for my arm to let me rip again, but really was trying to spot the local lines etc ha.. No surprises to either of us I think, me struggling to keep up on the trails, reverso in the rock climbs. Was a privilege to ride with you a bit and share some race time.

Somewhere near the last rock garden I saw an opening, me arm on the relax so time to intensify and get on past. The last BETA rock garden (not pro line...) actually turned out to ride easier than several other parts of the track so I rather enjoyed that each lap. Pretty much non-stopped it several times so knew things were working well. Rather surprised how well the Dunlop 3S hooked up all day, everywhere.

Somehow managed to push on with the intensity all thru the first 3 laps, then put in a lightening fuel stop with Brett Moroney at the station, cheers champ, always there. Didn't impress myself when I dumped it in the water hole and soaked my whole left side at the start of lap 2. Can't wait for that crash compilation! Laps 4 n 5 was on a mission, some traffic in the hard zones make hard work if your trying to go around on harder lines but have to keep moving so deal with it... Legs and arms starting to show light signs of cramp so wound the Clake in a couple turns for that édge'... and kept downing the water.

End of lap 5 there was around 20 riders waiting before the finish which I'm not sure is in the spirit of things but hey, they got there. I was gaggin to get thru to make the next lap and it's a treat to see the last lap board in an event like this. My last lap has often been the quickest but don't thing this one was, started to enjoy the sights along the way and rather confident in my position. Was a clearer run tho so was good. In the new garden half way round last lap was the first time I made use of the officials help up, cheers dude! So yea, if you read all that good on ya..

Working out now re some enduro training schools for 2017 so stay tuned. Or PM me your interest. SA based.

Big thanks to those who have assisted with this year and gaggin for 2017 which already has me already booked in to Erzberg and Romaniacs, more of that later...

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