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2016 Event Broken Down

The 2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles Wildwood Rock Extreme enduro seen from a different angle.

This see's the event broken down in classes, manufactures and engine type.

2T is a 2 stroke motorcycle and 4T is a 4 stroke motorcycle

Taking out the largest part of the Wildwood event for 2016 is the 300 two stroke followed by the next best thing in the 250 two stroke. With the closest four stroke being the 350cc.

When viewing the manufactures list it is clearly over run with the strength of the European brands of motorcycle that suit the hard tough events that are extreme enduro. KTM is the biggest manufacture of the group followed by the ever growing Beta brand that is largely two stroke lead for 2016. 3rd in line is Husqvarna with a good mixture of both four and two stroke bike on the start line.

The following data has be produced with details from the 11/8/2016 and my change leading up to the main event on the 6th of November.

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