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Force Accessories confirmed naming sponsor for the 2023 Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro.

Wildwood welcomes the return of Force Accessories as the naming sponsor for the 13th year of Australia's toughest Extreme Enduro. With quality motorcycle protection parts the bond between the Force Accessories name and Wildwood remains as strong as the proven products. Each year riders make the trip to the small Victorian area that is Wildwood, a metropolitan yet very rural property that never disappoints both riders and spectators.

Event creator Steve Braszell was faced with the wettest event in it's history in 2022 and was able to make it all happen again and see the iconic event to prove to be one of the hardest yet. With a goal to exceed the previous year Steve has confirmed the 13th year will have many changes and looks forward to the Wildwood Motorcycle Association Club to make it all come to life yet again under the guidelines of Motorcycle Victoria.

Confirmed for 2023 is the spectacular finish trophies made by Force Accessories and the individual rider finishing medals for those that complete the event.

With the introduction of a junior event in 2022 we are looking forward to showcasing Australia's hardest working junior riders and next up and coming, as well as Australian Factory Supported riders and privateers from all over the country. Entry fees will be released in the 2nd half of the year and be capped to see some of the best competitive and skillful riding of the year.

Wade "The Bull" Ibrahim will carry the #1 plate into the 13th year after proving he was Wildwood's toughest rider in 2022, having full control of the event on his KTM300 with lap times of 1 hour in the Gold class per lap.

Keep your eyes on the event website and other social pages for all the updates to come.

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