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Wildwood Rock awaits the opening of entries for the 2017 Extreme event

The 2017 Husqvarna Motorcycle Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro is about to see entries go live on the 20th of July. With the event selling out in 2016 within 3 days this year Wildwood will see an extra 50 riders added to the day giving it a total of only 150 who will be able to take on Australia’s very own Hard Enduro.

Event Owner Steve Braszell “To see Wildwood in its 8th year is just mind blowing and watching the sport grow each time we open the gates is great. With more and more Australian’s heading overseas for Hard Enduro’s and riders cross training their skills from Enduro and Trails it is crazy to see what can be done on an Enduro bike now. This also keeps me on my toes to make sure that riders coming to Wildwood will finish but at the same time while racing be mentally and physically challenged in ways that they would normally be able to train for. With the brutal conditions at Wildwood and constant demand for concentration, riders rely on the uproar and support of the spectators to give them a lift when needing to get them around the 12km course.

Over the years gone bye we have seen International riders like Graham Jarvis, Alfredo Gomez, Ben and Dan Hemingway attend and this year will be no different with the doors open for the world to attend. Locked in already to make the trip down under is yet another World Enduro and Extreme Champion in David Knight who is no stranger to racing tough events, he will be paired up on a KTM 300 for the event and sure to show us all what he can do with it. Another bonus is having managed to hold on to David for some coaching days on the extreme course the week after the main event.

Returning to Wildwood for the 2nd time with the number 1 plate is Australia’s Toughest Extreme rider from Bright in Victoria Mitch Harper.

I asked Mitch a few key questions, what does it feel like returning with the number #1?

“It feels awesome heading into this year’s Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro running the #1 plate, feels like the hard work has paid off.”

What are your thoughts on the Pro class doing 4 hours for 2017?

“To be honest I didn’t even know about the format change, but I think it will be tough on man and machine for that extra hour slogging away”

What bike can we expect to see you on at the event?

I will be riding the new 2 stroke fuel injected Husqvarna 300

A link on the event website will take riders to the MA Ridernet website to complete entries for 2017.

This year also has the option for riders to use a one-day race licence ($75) if needed for the first time.

Riders who don’t hold a licence will need to join a club in their state and then the event will be available to enter in the list of events.

Spectators are never let down with the best skills on 2 wheels attending and it is only 35minutes drive from Melbourne. For all details regarding the event go to our website and an always ready Facebook page with a wealth of Extreme information.

Trade stalls and live music from some of Australia’s best up and coming bands.

The cost to watch on the day is $20 for adults, $10 for kids up to the age of 16 and all juniors under 10

years are free.

With our great sponsors we are able to make this a fun and inexpensive day out for all including families and friends. Please support the companies that bring extreme enduro to Australia.

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Stay tuned for more to come.

2016 Event Winner Mitch Harper enters the Bedford Bus for the Win

Photo Credit: Lee Popowski images

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