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Force Accessories claims the event naming rights for the 2021-2022 Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro.

Being a long time supporter of the event Force has played a big part in watching Wildwood grow from our first event in 2010 to the 2021 event that will be back on the 7th of November. With a product that is designed to protect your machine in any type of riding it is clear that Wildwood tests the limits each year in the harsh condition the riders endure.

"It is an honour and privilege for Force Accessories to be the naming sponsor for the Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro. This event is created to push the competitors to their absolute limits while embracing the sport as a community" said Business Development Specialist Daniel Holt.

Holding a key section known as the 'Force Accessories Rock staircase' on the course riders are faced with some great areas to test their limits with short sharp hills and endless rock gullies for Spectators to get up and close to catch the action in the main event. Before the main event riders will showcase skills as they test their speed on the full man-made prologue area from 9am on Sunday. A hand crafted course of rocks, logs, ute trays and the one of a kind Peter Stevens Bedford bus ride through, the section is not to be missed.

Adding to the excitement of the event, 2021 will see for the first time a 6 rider shoot out as the fastest riders in each class go head to head for one lap as a feature on the prologue area. This format was tested in the modified 2020 event and proved to be a hit for onlookers and riders involved, giving even more reason to push for the prizes on offer before the main event at 11am.

Keep in touch with all the latest Wildwood updates via Facebook and the website as more news is released.

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