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2023 Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro - Entries release 1st August at 9am EST.

Entries release for the 13th year of Wildwood from 9am on the 1st of August.

Riders are required to hold a Motorcycle Australia - Club membership via your state to attend and race if needing a one event licence. The preferred choice is that riders have a MA National Licence.

Riders MUST get a number via Grassroots AHEC website to make sure they are not attending with no numbers or causing double up's.

Juniors must gain a number via the vichardenduro group and be endorsed for the bike used.

Juniors are limited to 200cc 2 stroke or 250 4stroke (not 300cc 2strokes) and have correct numbers applied to the bike.

For all details please read the Supp Regs before doing the entry.


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