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LIQUI MOLY Claims naming for the Wildwood ROCK GARDEN 2018

The Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro is pleased to announce the new name of the Rock Garden with the help of Ron-angle Importers. The 2018 LIQUI MOLY Rock Garden will be a clear highlight for this year and always is a crowd winner each year.

With the divided track made to focus on each class in its own way it's a challenge for all the riders.

The Gold Class face the toughest line with man-made ramps and bridges to see the riders able to move through the centre line. While the Silver, Bronze and Tin Tank's get more exits that are just as tricky to suite the ride skill levels.

Entries are all set for the 2018 Wildwood Rock Extreme to go live via the Motorcycle Australia Ridernet system and will see the return of one event licences for those that don't race during the year at other events.

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