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2023 Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro
- Silver Class Riders - 

The Silver class is made up of riders that have work their way up to be in what will be the most grulling classes of 2023. The large amount of riders will be linked in to some key Silver gold areas and also have many competing for a poduim finish on the day.

Silver Rider List  -  Numbers 100 to 399 Required
(Black Number s on Silver Back ground)

All riders in Silver ride as an outright class as well are split for the Victorian Hard Enduro Championship.

Silver Class aged 16 to 34 years

137 Charles Cottrell

138 Jed Clancy

141 Brad Harrison

171 Hayden Ewart

201 Elliot Webb

205 Andrew Pilcher

209 Justin Richards

222 Jaden Findlay

257 Brock Lloyd

268 Lincoln Seidel

285 Jakob Petrig

286 Houston Walters

341 John Scandrett

385 Josh Pilcher

Require Correct Numbers

12 Craig Prout

26 Raymond Bell

Silver Class aged 35 to 44 years

106 Jason Morris

153 Richie Burkitt

169 Nathan Stevenson

186 Scott Wilson

Silver Class aged 45 and above

121 Brent Davidson

172 Davide Angelini

377 Lee Pearsall

2023 Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro -  Rider List

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