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2022 Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro
- Bronze Class Riders - 

Wildwood Rocks biggest class is the Bronze with riders a large amount of new to the sport riders growing their skill levels to one-day move up to the Silver class. 

Bronze Rider List  -  Numbers 400 to 999 Required
(White Number s on Brown Back ground)

All riders in Bronze ride as an outright class as well are split for the Victorian Hard Enduro Championship.


Bronze Riders aged 16 to 34 years

509  Cory Kennedy

542  Thomas Aquilina

705  Nathan Levy

717  Ben Weller

741  Steven Keselj

833  Daniel Reichert

868  Joel Armitage

903  Reece Findlay

Require Correct Numbers

33    Jordan Simpson

85    Charlie  DREW

111   Scott Haitsma

289  Tomas Tucker

Bronze Riders aged 35 to 44 years

626 Grant Mccarthy

796 Scott McMinn

861 Robert Parvin

862 Tyrone Spencer

Bronze Riders aged 45 and above

540 Graham Groeneveld

588 Glenn Thomassen

858 Stephen Crosbie

877 Michael Whipps

Require Correct Numbers

163 Steve Vallance

2023 Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro -  Rider List

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