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The 2022 Event will see entries live on the 1st of August 2021.

(All 2021 rider entries have been shifted  to the 2022)

Wildwood is Letting riders LOCK in their entries with a $50 deposit fee.

Event overview for Riders

Saturday 5th - Pit area set up from 9:00am

Bronze and Junior Rider Sign on from 11:am with Bikes 

Silver and Gold Sign on from 1:30pm. 

Bronze Prologue 1:00pm - All Bronze Riders must Prologue to gain a start time for Sunday.

Junior Extreme enduro 3:00pm   Event length 1 hour and 30mins

(Checkered flag will go out based on the fastest rider to meet the closet time to the 1 hour and 30 min finish time) 

Juniors will ride Man made area and natural terrain areas.

Sunday 6th - Main Event

Prologue Start - 9:00am - Silver and Gold.

Prologue Class shootout - 10:20am - Top 6 fastest riders of each Class will do a 1 lap shoot out (fastest rider of the classes will win $500)

Main 3 Hour - 11:00am Start - In order of Prologue starting order (10 bikes a time)

Awards and Championship hand outs will be done at the end of the main event.

Prize Money on offer -

Gold 1st $1500, 2nd $1000, 3rd $500

Silver 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $300

Bronze 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $300

Trophies awarded to: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Juniors and Women's Overall.

Finishing Medals: Will be awarded to all riders that finish the event

(Any rider that is a "Did Not Finish" will not get a medal)


No Site lap of the Prologue area or Main event course for any entered rider.


Event Overview and Outlines to follow.

  1. No DOGS at the event - Please leave them at HOME unless for special aid use.

  2. All Riders are expected to sign in with bikes and set up the pit area on the 6th of November.

  3. Numbers Must be fitted when signing on and be clearly viewed on the front and both side plates on bike.

  4. Only bikes that have been viewed and had event stickers applied will start.

  5. Walking of the course is recommended to be aware of the changed course layout as NO Sighting lap will be seen.

  6. Prologue is for one lap only - No second lap will be given (if the rider fails to finish Prologue they will start rear of the field).

  7. Cutting of the course to gain ground will be dealt with by the event controller via a time penalty or removed . If the rider is found to be in breach of the riders brief outline they will be removed from the event and have no championship points gained from the event or results.

  8. No Spectators are allowed to help the riders on the sections.

  9. Riders can help other riders on the sections.

  10. Spare parts can be taken to the riders on the course but the bike must not leave the area it is getting repaired.

  11. If a rider comes back to the pit area on their entry bike other than the main event track (leaving the course) they will be out of the event.

  12. No Tear off's are to be used

  13. Spill Matts are to be used under bikes when refueling

  14. No noisy bikes will be taking part - if your bike is deemed to loud it can be selected to have a noise test done (96dB +4 buffer will be excepted pending conditions)

  15. Food will be sold at the event property

  16. Toilets will be found within the Camping area

  17. All riders must have Ambulance cover that will be effective if required to be called on in case of injury.

  18. In the event of a rider protest, this must be done within 30minutes of the witnessed rider seeing the checkered flag of the event. (ONLY THE RIDER THAT WITNESSED CAN SUBMIT IN WRITING). This will then be reviewed with the relevant riders at the event and settled before presentation if effecting 1st/2nd/3rd, if out side the final podiums it will be done before results are posted as final.

  19. Any rider 16 years and older will be deemed a senior rider unless they have started the year in Juniors at another Grassroots event and will continue the championship points event. No Junior can then ride the senior event. 

  20. Junior Riders Ages - 10 Years old to 15 Years old can ride in the 1hour and 30min event (if the rider has been in the Junior class before turning 16 in 2021 they can remain in the junior class for championship points)

  21. Rider Numbers are based from the grassroots selection - if you do not have a number please visit the Grassroots webpage before entering the event.

  22. Women's Overall Class Trophies - Times will be adjusted between the BRONZE and SILVER RIDERS from overall Lap times to see a fair result to outright trophies.  

  23. Riders MUST have Ambulance cover to attend the event, we will be required to call an Ambulance if you are injured if judged by the media team. This cost will be at your cost if you don't have cover. It is suggested that you purchase ambulance cover 48 hours before attending the property and any later you may not be covered.

  24. Riders will be required to leave a drivers license at the sign on area when taking the timing device that is being fitted for the weekend of the event. If damaged a fee will be required to be paid, this fee will be shown at the sign on area.

  25. Camping at the property is fine for riders and helpers ONLY, if further time is needed please discuss with the event Manager Steve Braszell.

  26. Timing system fee is included in the entry fee - One transponder will be fitted to the bike and one to the rider helmet. (both required at sign on to be applied)

  27. Riders are limited to use one motorcycle only - Timing device will be fitted to the bike the rider will be using.

  28. The Event Promoter holds the right to adjust any riders class if deemed to be not capable. (If you are unsure of your class please contact Wildwood)

The Above Supplementary Regulations set for the Wildwood Event for 2021 have been put in place by the event Director/Promoter based on prior events held at Wildwood.

Entry questions - Direction

For all inquires please direct your questions to Steve Braszell the Wildwood Event Owner and Director/promoter.





5.1 YOUTH CLASS (7 to 14 YEARS) - For Short Course/Hare and Hound and Motoduro type of events "special age limit" (Youth) classes may be introduced. Sessions for Youth riders will be restricted to 2 hours maximum, preferably on a shorter / reduced circuit. It is the responsibility of the organiser to determine the courses suitability for Youth riders. Minimum age will be 7 years old, Youth riders aged 7 years to 14 years will ride together and will be restricted to the following machines. Maximum c.c. allowed in any special class races will be 85cc – 2 stroke or 250cc – 4 stroke.

5.2 ADULTS CLASS AGE RESTRICTIONS - YOUTH IN ADULT EVENTS - The Minimum age limit of riders participating is 13 years old. Any riders aged between 13 and 15 years old will be allowed to compete with adults providing the entry is received online prior to the event and will be dependant on the riders ability. Riders in this age group will be assessed by the Referee before being allowed to participate. 13 – 15 year olds are restricted to – (Up to 200cc 2 stroke or 250cc 4 stroke ) 15 year olds can only ride bigger capacity machines in exceptional circumstances, the rider must have AMA written authority but only in the adult classes.

10 CLASSES - Will depend on promoters discretion, but must be clearly stated on supplementary event regulations. Most Enduro events separate the different types of machines into different classes and depending on ability riders may be graded Expert, Clubman or Sportsman. Any riders under the age of 16 (if allowed) will NOT be allowed to participate with any other classes.


Entries/Fee's are paid to Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro.

A welcomed donation fee of $10 per person can be paid at the sign-on area to go to the land owners to aid the clean up after all is gone.

Pending the current Covid 19 rules a $50 deposit will be required to hold your spot for the 12th year of Wildwood, the full amount pending with be requested 3-2 weeks before the main date of the event. Adult Entry fee $220 and Juniors $120

In the event that the we need to delay the 12th year to November 2022 Wildwood Rock pty ltd will hold your deposit, if you choose to ask for a refund we will be required to hold $10 as a admin fee from the original $50 put forward. ($40 can be deposited into given bank details upon request)

Final Instructions will be sent to your listed email address approx two weeks before the race.

Please considered the AMA Accident Plans for any higher level of insurance cover to attend? 


Any changes to the format will be delivered via a finial instruction email 1 week before the event  - Please check the Junk area if not able to see.

Keep up to date with the Wildwood Rock Extreme Facebook page or Website.

Event Sponsors: Force Accessories, Peter Steven Motorcycles, Sherco Motorcycles Australia, Beta Motorcycles Australia, Honda Motorcycles Australia, Golden Tyre, GRO OIL, Race line Motorcycles, Supreme Roof Plumbing, illusion Moto.

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