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2014 EVENT PRESS RELEASE  -  26th October 2014

Press Release

For immediate release - 26th October 2014




A change has taken place to the following classes in this years event


Womens Class

Due to varying level of competitors in this class a decision has been made to discontinue the stand-alone womens class.


With competitors showing interest ranging from World Enduro Riders, Australian representatives in International Trials events as well as Clubman Level and Novice riders it is more advantageous to place these riders in a class more appropriate and directly inline with their competitive standings.


Under the current format every competitor can only nominate one class, so competing in the women’s class they would not be eligible for outright positions.


In a positive move to promote and increase women competing at Wildwood, an additional $250 will be paid to the 1st woman home in Expert, Over 40 and Clubman.


The change brings a much better format and they will now enter the race on equal terms with the men, showcasing the strength of the individual women competing in these classes.


*NB refer to Supp Regs, to be elible for outright prize money a competitor must be entered in Pro Class  

Prize money is not awarded to any DNF Competitors of any class.


Trials Class

The Trials Class has been removed from the Extreme Enduro category.


Under the current format a Trials class rider was only eligible for class victory, they are now open to enter all classes with the opportunity to compete for outright positions if entered in Pro Class.

Trial riders have shown they are capable of competing at the top level and this brings a welcome change to the existing format.




New Class – Expert over 35

Expert Over 35 class has been added to the 2014 event

            The prize money for this new class will match the Expert and Clubman prize money

            1st $1000  2nd $500  3rd $300

            The current 35 year old and older expert riders have already been moved across



International Riders

Alfredo Gomez is out for 2014 event due to conflicting commitments overseas, we look forward to seeing him back in 2015


We also welcome the following riders competing at Wildwood for the first time

Ben Hemingway – (UK) Factory Beta Rider 

Adrian Guggemos– (German) Trials junior champion


Rider Coaching

Wildwood Rock Extreme  announces 3 Extreme Coaching Clinics for November 2014

Learn bike set up tips, hone your skills for Enduro and Extreme obstacles, learn new techniques for maximum bike control, speed and balance in technical terrain, all in a controlled environment with German Freestyle Trials and Enduro Rider, Adrian Guggemos and Factory BETA Extreme Team Rider, Ben Hemingway.


More Information and Bookings >>



Best Regards

EXTREME Event Media

Partner to  Wildwood Rock Extreme



2014 EVENT PRESS RELEASE  -  1st July 2014

Press Release

For immediate release - 1st July 2014

Wildwood Rock as of the 1st of July open entries.


Wildwood Rock as of the 1st of July open entries for Extreme event and hill climb.

The 2014 Bulk Nutrients Wildwood Rock Extreme enduro is set to be the off-road motorcycle event of the year for both riders and spectators. With this year seeing the first time that Wildwood will hold a two day event, it is in true style that something new and unseen will be showcased at Wildwood. The Golden tyre Extreme Hill climb puts the challenge out to any level of rider that can ride a dirt bike and considers themselves to be a true hill climber. Entries also open 1st of July.

For those that are lucky enough to get into the limited 100 riders on the Sunday extreme event it is their chance to give it all they have to collect some of the largest prize money in the World. The track has been moulded over the past 4 year to make or break riders that are at the top of the ever growing sport of Extreme enduro. The Extreme event is open to Australian riders of 16 years and older who hold a senior Motorcycling Australia competition licence and international riders that are keen for the trip down under to take on the locals on their own soil. With the return of Graham Jarvis and Alfredo Gomez the Husqvarna factory extreme riders to the event for 2014 it has sparked the attention of other International riders in Ben Hemingway, Wade Young and Paul Bolton who are hoping to also make wildwood a visit in November.


Laying down the Australian rider that is ready to lead the international riders around the 12km course all day would be Factory KTM 300cc Matthew Phillips a rider that has only been out of the top 3 once in the past 4 years and the current E3 point’s leader in the European World Championship. Mitch Harper although recovering from injuries prior to the 2013 extreme event was crowned Australia’s most extreme rider with his 3rd place finish over all, Harper has since sustained further injury and is in recovery set to return in 2014 if fit. Other key names that make up the top 10 going into 2014 ready to claim the winning plates are, #4 Tim Coleman, #5 Chris Perry, #6 Tom Mason, #7 Robert Nowak, #8 Jack Gaynor, #9 Owen Lock, #10 Jesse Daley and wildcards like Daniel Sanders, Peter Boyle and Wayde Carter the battle will be on at the pointy end of the race.


Spectators will see some of the best skills on 2 wheels over the weekend and it is only 35minutes drive from Melbourne. For all details regarding where to watch from and who to look for can be found on the new event website in a true wealth of Extreme information. Also on show is the Kenny Racing Trials competition on Saturday that will be surrounded by trade stalls and live music from some of Australia’s best up and coming bands.


The cost to watch on is $20 for adults, $10 for kids up to the age of 16 and all juniors under 10years are free. (2 day pass adults are $30 and children 10 – 16yrs $15). With the help and support from our 

great sponsors we are able to make this a fun and inexpensive weekend for all including families. so please support the companies that bring extreme enduro to Australia.

Bulk Nutrient, Kenny Racing, Golden Tyre, NGK Iridium Spark Plugs, Yamaha Australia, Honda Australia, Sherco Australia, KTM Australia, Husqvarna Australia, Beta Australia, Kawasaki Australia , Force Accessories, Malise Clothing, RiderHQ, Bonneville Consulting, Ringmaster images, Getonit, InsureMyRide, Global Racing Oils, EK Chains, AFAM, Trials Experience, MXTV, Sunbury bakers delight, Sound System Studios Sunbury, Central Steel, Motorcycle Movers, MotoHub Sunbury, Slipstream Motorcycle Sunbury, Matt Jones Motorcycle Melton, Powerhouse Motorcycle Pakenham, Murrindindi Mower and Motorcycles and Kennards Hire.


Stay tuned for more to come..


Event manager:

Steven Braszell

Wildwood Rock Pty Ltd

Contact: 0402577151

Press Release

For immediate release - 21 March 2014

Who will be crowned Australia’s most Extreme Rider of 2014?


Bulk Nutrients claims the naming rights for Australia’s biggest Extreme enduro event. With the event moving into its 5th year in 2014 event owner Steven Braszell is growing the Extreme weekend into a 2 day display of the best off-road motorcycle skills from around the World right in Wildwood Victoria on the 22nd and 23rd of November. The 2013 event saw the world number 1 extreme rider Graham Jarvis take out the $10,000 outright victory over team mate Alfredo Gomez from Spain and Australia’s Mitch Harper the 2010 event winner who worked his way from rear of field to retain 3rd overall.


The Sunday track that riders face at during the Bulk Nutrients Wildwood Rock is one that messes with minds throughout the day with an aim to complete as many laps that can be achieved in a 3 hour time frame on a track that might only see a hand full of riders even use 4th and 5th gear once started. With a Prologue or timed seeding challenge at 9am on a fully manmade short course each rider gets the win some pre-event prize money and also try to start in the best group of 5 on the line for the main event at 11am. Just like years gone by the track is made up of the NGK Ute tubs, KTM aquaplane dam, Husqvarna swinging tires, Powerhouse Sherco wet rock, Honda Horsepower Hill and the bit that all rider dread in the Beta Rock garden that has finished many top riders in years gone. With around $30,000 dollars in prize money on offer at Wildwood it is very clear that the world is watching with many big international names showing interest in attending in David Knight, Mike Brown, Paul Bolton, Ben Hemingway, Wade Young, Alfredo Gomez and past two time winner Graham Jarvis. The top Australian riders that will be on the charge on home soil to look out for would be Tim Coleman, Chris Perry, Rob Nowak, Tom Mason, Nic Tomlinson, Peter Boyle and Matthew Phillip to name a few. But for every rider it is clear that they share one aim and that is to finish the day without having a DNF (did not finish) to their name. 2014 will see the entry numbers capped at 100 riders only and 6 classes. (Pro, Expert, Clubman, Over 40yrs, Trials and Women’s)


The new addition to the weekend is the Golden Tyre Extreme Hill Climb held on the 22nd of November from 11am. This is a first for all enduro events, riders will face a man-made extreme hill climb that is made up of a tall hill that has no straight lines for a power run. This is all about showing bike control the whole way while still racing the clock to the top. Riders will each get 4 runs and the fastest time in each class gets to stay at the top until his or her time is taken from them. If the lead rider is knocked from the top they then are able to try to retain the number 1 position and prize money. If that is not enough for a new Saturday we are also looking to set up a trials event that is sure to keep the riders looking and the spectators gasping for air as they look on with what they are viewing.


To back up the true Wildwood Rock atmosphere we will see Sound System Studios with bands giving us live music on both days, also sponsors will have trade stalls and displays within the Prologue area with event deals that cannot be beaten. Live updates can be seen on the Wildwood Rock Extreme Facebook and youtube channel leading up to the event, with some great prizes being given away from event sponsors.


For further information please contact Steven Braszell event manager on 0402577151 Or via email at



It goes without saying that this event has to thank the many sponsors that have already locked in key roles for 2014. Hats off to Bulk Nutrients, Golden Tyre, NGK, Kenny Racing, Sunbury Bakers delight, Sports Camera, RiderHQ, Malise Clothing, Powerhouse mc, Motorcycle Hub, Slipstream mc, GRO oils, Trial Experience, 4Enduro, Ringmaster, EK Chains, Afam Sprokets, Central Steel, Motorcycle Movers Bonneville Consulting and our Australian manufactures in Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Beta, Sherco and Husqvarna. If you would like to join the day as a supporter please contact the event manager Steven Braszell. With great support from Motorcycling Australia, Motorcycling Victoria and Wildwood Rock Motorcycle Club members 2014 is looking at being bigger than any other year.

2014 EVENT PRESS RELEASE  -  21st March 2014

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