Wildwood Calendar 2021

Sharpen your bike skills at Wildwood in 2021 to improve your racing and trail rides.

2021 Wildwood Club Dates.

Club membership must be paid via ama website to attend the year with a set fee of $50 if a single/family.

Found via this Link - https://amaclubs.com.au/wma-membership

Riders must hold current Ambulance cover to ride at any time.

28th March - Skills Day

2nd May - Skills/Comp Day

27th June - Skills Day

11th July - Skills Day

15th August - Skills/Comp Day

19th September - Skills Day

17th October - Skills Day

28th November - Skills Day

12th December - Skills Day

Dates are subject to total fire bans (cancelled if a fire ban).

7th November - Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro (12th year and Round of Grassroots National Championship)

With such a tough year with 2020 we are looking forward to seeing many faces back in 2021 as we get back to some riding. We have made sure to try and not clash with other popular events for the year to try and give you the most bike time you can.

Club meetings are held at the end of each date above to discuss other events and upcoming dates.

Please make sure you have a AMA membership completed with all members listed to see a smooth on-line sign in process for the dates.


(Please note ama membership this is not your Wildwood Club Membership.)

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