2022 Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro
- Gold Class Riders - 

Austraila's elite Gold class rider group is made up of some of the most talented riders the country has to offer.

These riders are pushed to a level that sees other amazed with the level of bike control and fitness over ther 3 hour event. Some riders also can be found across the world in many to internation events and many more will over the next few years as our sport continues to grow in Australia.

Rider List

12      Daniel Sporle

14      Matt Broderick

17      Hugh Edmondson

18      Callum Ceglinski

25      Tom Woodhouse

27      Daniel Nugent

31      Lachy andrews

54      Craig Byrne 

55      Frank fee

61      Billy McCulloch

66      Jason  Haas

70      Christofer Cash

76      Chris Perry

82      Kale Reed 

82      Aiden Gale

88      Ben Gosper

144    Jason Beaton

182    Tim Davis

289    Hunter mathieson


As per the race regulations the above rider numbers and back grounds are required for all classes. If riders have made adjustments please contact Steve at Wildwood to adjust.

Riders that have paid to lock in 2022 National numbers will be able to keep race season numbers, new riders will be ask to adjust to another number.

2022 Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro -  Rider List

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